Medcentres Plus

At Medcentres Plus we strive to offer our patients the highest quality of private healthcare at an accessible price. Nobody likes visiting a hospital and we are committed to reducing hospital visits. We believe that, by taking advantage of recent advances in medicine, we can provide a vast array of services from a smaller, friendlier environment that’s more convenient for you.

Accessing Our Services

As is common practice in Europe and America, all of our specialists and services are immediately available to our patients.  Consequently there is no need to wait to see your NHS GP for a referral before booking an appointment with us.  You can book directly today.  This will not affect your NHS registration and, with your permission, we will communicate with your GP as and when appropriate.  In this way our patients get the best of both worlds.

Insurance Referrals

If you are privately insured there is also no need to wait to see your GP in order to ask for a letter of referral to make a claim.  When you book please mention that you may need a letter of referral and we will arrange for one of our own GP’s to provide this completely free of charge.  We will also liaise with your insurers to take the pain out of making a claim, again completely free of charge.

Our Treatments