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Life can be tough, so it’s not surprising that sometimes we need extra support during difficult times. For many people, the idea of having to wait for weeks – or sometimes even days – to get that support is unbearable, so whenever possible we will offer you an initial appointment within 24 hours.

How can psychotherapy and counselling help?

Psychotherapy and counselling offer a safe, consistent and confidential relationship in which to explore and begin to understand the particular issues and difficulties that are currently affecting you and enable a more fulfilling relationship with yourself and others. They can help you resolve emotional conflict, change negative thinking and behaviour, and support you in making choices about how you’d like to live.

During our work together, I will help you to make better sense of your experiences, your thoughts and feelings, and explore your options. I help you to uncover meanings and recognise patterns, providing you with greater self-awareness.

I will also help you to think more kindly of yourself and gain a clearer understanding of your relationships with others. Allowing yourself space to share your thoughts with someone who truly listens and cares, can help you to feel valued, alive and connected.

Therapy can’t erase a difficult past but it can equip you to move on more easily, it can increase your resilience, and it can enable you to make positive and lasting changes going forward.

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I work within the Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy of the BACP. Our work together will be held in confidence by me as detailed in this code of practice.

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