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Skin Cancer

Whether you are worried about a suspicious looking mole, are looking for reassurance, or have been diagnosed with a cancerous lesion, our surgeons are able to provide the information and advice you need.

Diagnosis, Treatment & Reassurance

Early detection of skin cancer is essential to ensuring you receive any treatment at the earliest stage possible. Our Mole Check service gives you the peace of mind of a thorough review by a Consultant Plastic Surgeon. Your appointment includes a complete check of your skin for any suspicious moles or lesions and an assessment of your lifestyle and historical sun exposure.

During your consultation, the surgeon will also provide some information on how you can best protect yourself in the future and minimise the chances of any problems occurring.

Mole Check

Initially, patients attend the clinic for a Mole Check with one of our surgeons. The Mole Check service involves a detailed consultation with your surgeon, who will perform a thorough examination, either of individual moles or a full body check. Using our Dermlite Dermatoscope, your surgeon will make an assessment as to whether a mole is suspicious. If so, they will outline your treatment options, most of which can be performed in our Salisbury operating facility.

Mole Check Consultation: £150

Surgical Lesion Excision: From £325

Surgical Removal

If your Consultant feels that a mole requires surgical removal, you will be given a quotation for the procedure after your consultation. In some cases we are able to offer the surgery on the same day as your appointment. Prices vary on the type and number of moles that require excision, but start from £350.

Most procedures are undertaken in our minor operating suite, on the top floor of our Salisbury clinic.