Ear Correction Clinic

We provide a range of Ear Correction services. Whether its prominence, shape, or ear lobe concerns our skilled Surgeons are able to reshape, restore and use innovative techniques to hold your ear in a more natural position.

Often our patients benefit from one or two procedures performed on the same date, if this is case we’ll give you a personalised quote.


Earfold™ is a revolutionary treatment that involves inserting one or more implants under the surface of the skin. These implants are made of a special alloy, widely used in healthcare, which retains a “memory” of its initial shape.

This means your surgeon can implant the thin strips (which are the thickness of a human hair) beneath the skin, positioning them to hold your ears in a new position. The stips are gold plated to ensure visibility beneath the skin is minimised.

The alloy is designed to flex, allowing your ear to move in a natural way, whilst returning to the implant’s original position.

Earfold™ has several advantages over traditional procedures, not least that it is minimally invasive and can be inserted under local anesthetic. The implants can also be used to correct assymetic prominence by using different numbers of implants each side.

Earfold™  also utilises prefold clips allowing you the unique opportunity to see what result the implants will give you before having the procedure, as your Surgeon can position the prefold clips on your ear to show you what to expect and allow you to fine tune the result.

More information about this treatment can be found on our Earfold® page.

Pinnaplasty and Ear reshaping

We also offer Pinnaplasty under local anesthetic which is often another treatment choice for patients unsuitable for Earfold™. We also work with hospital partners to provide options for patients who require procedures under general anesthetic. In this case your surgeon will recommend a treatment plan and we’ll provide you with a tailored quote for a hospital of your choice with outpatient follow up by our friendly nursing and admin team.  

Often as well as correcting prominence, patients wish to correct issues with shape. Your surgeon will offer you a range of procedures from Conchal Bowl resection and scapha reduction depending on your desired outcomes.

Ear Lobes

Ear piercings can cause earlobes to split or become enlarged, which can be unsightly and stop you wearing your favourite jewelery.

Some patients may have had multiple piercings in the past and now wish to close old holes.

Regardless of your concern, we offer a range of procedures designed to resolve abnormality or repair earlobes. Simply contact us to arrange an appointment with your Surgeon who can advise on the best treatment.

Things to remember

Lots of our clinics are over subscribed and we aim to make sure that you can be seen as quickly as possible. This means that we will take payment in advance for your appointment. This is fully refundable in certain circumstances: please ask for more details.

We take a deposit for all procedure bookings. For procedures under £200 this is the cost of the procedure. For procedures of more than £200 this a flat fee of £200, with the exception of Earfold™  which is £500. Deposit payments are fully refundable in certain circumstances: please ask for more details.


We offer consultations for Children, who may be suitable for procedures under general anaesthetic in hospital. However, please be aware the minimum age for procedures at our clinic is 17.

How do I know what my treatment will cost?

We offer fixed priced procedures. Earfold™ prices start from £1600 for a single implant, two implants (the most common procedure) cost £2450.

Where your surgeon recommends multiple procedures we’ll prepare a personalised quote for you. This quote will be valid for 30 days from the date of your letter.

Appointment Prices

Ear Correction Consultation£150

Procedure Prices

Earfold™from £1600
Pinnaplasty (local anaesthetic)£2400
Pinnaplasty (general anaesthetic)from £2700
Conchal Bowl (one ear)£860
Split Ear Repair (one ear)from £595
Lobe Reduction (one ear)from £595
Enlarged Earlobe Repair (one ear)from £595

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