We aim to provide you with the reassurance of personal, independent GP care, with the time you and your clinician need to get the bottom of your concerns. We pride ourselves on our traditional service; need to talk to your GP after your appointment just to check something? No problem, if our nursing team can’t help you, we’ll arrange for your Doctor to give you a call.

Where appropriate we’ll also follow you up after your appointment, just to see how you’re getting on. If you’re still not well we’ll see what else we can do.

Our service is designed to meet the needs of patients with acute conditions which wouldn’t otherwise require an immediate hospital admission. We can also  provide peace of mind for patients with long standing concerns that they can’t get to the bottom of.

We set our prices to help provide flexibility to give you affordable access to independent care. Where our Doctors recommend further treatment or referral to another clinic or hospital we endeavour to provide a range of options using our healthcare knowledge  so you know exactly what to expect.

Independent GP Appointments

All our new patients receive a 30 minute initial appointment. This is so your GP can get to know you and take a full clinical history. They may need to take some time to follow up after your appointment with other healthcare professions (with your permission). Don’t worry this is included.

Once you’re registered with us, you have a choice of different appointments. Existing patients with new conditions typically opt for 20 minutes, with follows ups of 15 minutes. If you’d like to follow up or arrange for further tests and this doesn’t need a consultation we also provide telephone appointments.

Home visits may be available on request.

We don’t offer a subscription service, just simple affordable pay as you go appointments so you buy the care you need when you need it.


Your independent GP can arrange for most simple tests and diagnostics to be undertaken the the time of your appointment. If you need more invasive tests, or something not carried out at our clinic, don’t worry we’ll arrange for you to be referred on and make sure we provide you with a choice of convenience and price.

Some patients simply want to arrange for bloods to be taken without a consultation.

We offer patients this service (where appropriate), and make sure your request is discussed with a GP. We then follow up your results in case something untoward is picked up.

If you’d like to arrange for blood tests, please contact the clinic and ask to speak to one of the nursing team.


We offer a range of vaccinations, including for patients who would otherwise be covered by an NHS program but not for several years e.g. the shingles vaccination. This includes vaccinations for adults and children.

Vaccinations can often be in short supply, if this is the case don’t worry. We’ll add you to a waiting list and let you know as soon as we have the vaccine in stock.


Our essential healthcheck includes a range of basic tests and a review with one of our Nurses. It’s a great way to start focusing on your health and obtain advice about how to stay healthy

The Advanced healthcheck includes some basic cardiology and respiratory tests and a greater range of blood and other tests. You’ll also be seen by one of our GPs for a full health review and examination.

Things to Remember

Lots of our clinics are over subscribed and we aim to make sure that you can be seen as quickly as possible. This means that we will take payment in advance for your appointment. This is fully refundable in certain circumstances: please ask for more information.

How much will my care cost?

We make sure the costs of our care are transparent and affordable. Where you need follow up or ongoing care please ask one of our team to provide you with an indicative cost and we’ll set out what we think you need and what it will cost.

For example: Adult patient presents with an ear infection. This patient hasn’t seen us before so has an initial appointment costing £90.

Their GP provides them with a private prescription (at no extra charge) for ear drops (purchased from a pharmacy – did you know some medicines are available for less than the cost of an NHS prescription?).

In a week we check to see how the patient is recovering and if the pain hasn’t fully resolved. We arrange a telephone followup and the patient is given a further prescription. A week later the condition has resolved:

Total cost of care: initial appointment £90, follow up phone call £25, prescription £20 = £135. As the patient is now registered, going forward the patient can see a GP from £45 or have a phone call for £25.


New Patient Appointment (30mins)£90
Standard Appointment (20mins)£60
Short Appointment£45
Telephone Call (10mins)£25
Prescription (with review)£20
GP Test Review (without appointment)£30
GP Referral (without appointment)£20
Healthcheck (Advanced)£299
Healthcheck (Essential)£55
Blood Testsfrom £35
Flu Vaccination (Quadravailent)£15
Meningitis B Vaccinationplease call
Shingles Vaccinationplease call
Pneumonia Vaccinationplease call
Chicken Pox Vaccinationplease call

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