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Minor Skin Surgery

Many of us have minor lumps and bumps that whilst not medically worrying can be annoying or unsightly, We offer a range of treatments including minor surgery for moles and larger lesions. 

Surgical procedures are provided by both our plastic surgeons Mr McCoubrey and Mr Haq (who specialises in occular surgery) – our nursing team will help ensure you are seen by the most appropriate clinician for your needs.


See and treat procedures
from £325
Clinical procedures
from £165
Specialist consultations
from £150
Plasma Pen treatments
from £75

What to do next?

For further information or to book an appointment please contact our friendly team. All patients are reviewed in clinic by a Consultant before any treatment is arranged to ensure they are reviewed by an expert and the best course of care can be arranged. 

01722 342630

What will it cost?

Your Consultant will discuss your treatment needs with you, but the cost of procedures in a our fully equipment and modern minor treatment rooms built to the latest standards costs £410, which includes Consultant fees. Some patients require histopathology which is charged at cost, and starts from £95. All patients require an initial consultation, and so the total cost of removing a simple lesion starts at £670.


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